AMP Series Dual Cylinder Automatic Hot Mouting Press

Specification: AMP 8D
Dimension(WxDxH): 540x560x430
Power: 220V50Hz
Max Force(kgs): 4000

AMP Series dual cylinder series are programmable automatic hot mounting presses with very high efficiency. The dual cylinders can work independently. In addition to being efficient, the machines offer users more control for both the heating and cooling cycles as compared to most competitive hot mounting presses. Wide selection of mound assemblies from 25 to 50 mm in diameter are available. Ideal for metallographic specimen compression.  


● Easy to use. One button start, automatic pressure loading, heating and cooling;

● High efficiency. New design of heating and cooling units significantly reduce the cycle time. Usually, the cycle time for 30mm diameter specimen is about 8 minutes;

● The two cylinders can work independently and have different mold size;

● User-friendly operation interface. Colored  HMI touch screen allows the users to set pressure, heating temperature, heating time and cooling time easily;

● Real-time temperature curve display;

● 10 memory modes which can set and save the parameters;

● For one cylinder, two specimens can be produced simultaneously with the use of a spacer;

● Three cooling modes: time, temperature, manual. It also has water-saving function;

● The cover is made of high temperature resistant composites by integral molding;

● Mobile plastic re circulation coolant tank is optional.


Coloured Touch Screen Real-time Temperature Curve

20 Parameters     Fast Top Bayonet Closure


Hot Mounting Resins

Mold Release Net: 450ml

Specimen Clips  Qty: 100pcs


●    Black

●    Red

●    Green        

●    Conductive

●    Edge-protection        

●    Transparent

Types: Triangle White Triangle Black Triangle Transparent Plastic Spring SS Spring

Technical Specifications:

Description AMP 5D AMP 6D AMP 7D AMP 8D
Operation Automatic
Pressure Air  Air Hydraulic Hydraulic
Cooling Automatic/manual
Mold ○25 ●30 ○40 ○50mm, others can be customized
Max Force(kgs) 300 500 1200 4000
Max Tem(℃) 180 180 200 200
Heater 1.2KW 2.4KW 2.4KW 3KW
Dimension(WxDxH) 600x560x430 600x560x430 540x560x430 540x560x430
Weight 45Kg 45Kg 65Kg 77Kg
Power 220V50Hz
Air source Need Need

 Cooling Water Need
 Mold Release 
Black Resin
Green Resin
Red Resin
Conductive Resin
Edge-protection Resin
Transparent Resin
Air filter

Optional Accessories:    


                                                      Pess Tank- 070Pro 

                                                       Re circulation Coolant Tank

                                                        Smart Model: Press Tank -070 Pro

                                                           ● Plastic tank, anti-rust

                                                           ● Mobile with wheels

                                                           ● Pump with pressure switch, stop automatically

                                                             Smart control to keep water temperature below the 

                                                              upper limit. Once it exceeds the limit, the cooling fan 

                                                               will run automatically.

                                 Recirculation Coolant Tank                                                                                                   

                                Common Model: Pres Stank -070

                                ● Plastic tank, anti-rust

                                ● Mobile with wheels

                                ● Pump with pressure switch, stop automatically

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