AutoTouch 432R 3D Multisensor Fully Auto Vision Measuring Machine

Mode/Code: 432R/ #521-121R
Z-axis Accuracy: ≤4+L/200(um)
Measuring Size: 400x300x200mm
XY-axis Accuracy: ≤1.8+L/200(um)


Sinowon AutoTouch 432R is multisensor vision coordinate measuring machine, it not only can measure the linear size, such as: point, line, cycle, arc, angle, rectangular hole, but also can measure the geometrical size, such as: straightness, flatness, circularity, cylindricity, perpendicularity, parallelism, angularity, concentricity, symmetry, position, profile, surface In the workshop and laboratory, most of measurement job can be done by multisensor measuring machine, it is widely applied to measure the dimension of Hardware, Mold, Machining, Precision Manufacturing, Automotive Parts, Stampings, Aerospace Components, Plastic & Rubber Products, Mobile Phone Industry, PCB Boards, Electronic Components, Semiconductor Components, Flat Glass (Touch Panels & LCD Panels), Medical Devices , tools and other fields, etc. 


Product Features

Moving Bridge type structure, measuring workpiece is fixed;

Four-axis CNC fully auto close loop control, auto measurement;

Marble base and pillar, good stability;

Imported linear scale, resolution is 0.1um, grinding ball screw and AC servo motor etc. to ensure the precision and stability of the motion system;

Imported HD color camera to meet the needs of clear observation and accurate measurement;

6.5x high-resolution motorized zoom lens, accurate doubling and one times pixel correction only needed;

With programmable surface 5-ring 8-division LED Cold Illumination and contour LED parallel illumination and built-in intelligent light adjustment, it can automatic control the brightness in the 8-division;

Equipped with imported R20 Probe to perform 3D measurement;

Powerful function and easy operation RationalVue Measuring Software to enhance quality control;

Optional Laser Sensor Module. Machines can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

Technical Specification

Commodity 3D Automatic Multisensor Vision Measuring Machine
Model AutoTouch432R
Code# 521-121R
X/Y-axis Travel 400x300mm
Z-axis Travel 200mm
X/Y/Z-3 axis Linear Scale Rsf Linear Scale Resolution: 0.1um
Guidance Mode Precision linear guide, double-track double slider guide
Operation Mode Joystick controller, Mouse operation, automatic detection program
Accuracy* E1xy ≤1.8+L/200(um)
E1z ≤4+L/200(um)
Repeatability ±2um
3D probe measuring system TELES R20 Probe
3D measuring system
Ring Gauge or optional 25mm calibration ball
Vision Touch Sensor 1/1.8" High Definition Color CCD Camera, Image navigation system
6.5X Motorized Coaxial Zoom Lens
Optical Magnification: 0.7X-4.5X
Field of 
Magnification 0.7x 1x 2.0x 3.0x 4x 4.5x
1/1.8"Camera 12.86x10.29x7.71
Contour LED parallel contour illumination
Surface 0~255 Stepless adjustable 5-ring 8-division LED surface illumination

Coaxial LED Parallel Illumination
Measuring Software RationalVue Measuring Software
Operation System Support WIN 10, 32/64 operating system
Working Environment Temperature 20℃±2℃
Humidity Range<2℃/hr
Humidity 30~80%
Vibration<0.002g, <15Hz
Language English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, German, Korean etc.
Power Supply 220V/50Hz; 110V/60Hz
Load Capacity 25Kg
Dimension(W*D*H) (cm) 1160x800x1650mm
Packing Size 1200x1400x1910mm
Net Weight 650Kg
Gross Weight 768Kg

Standard Delivery

Commodity Code # Commodity Code #
3D Measuring Software RationalVue Motorized Coaxial Zoom Lens 421-151
Controller  526-111 5-ring 8-division LED surface illumination 425-141
0.1um Linear Scale 581-201 LED parallel contour illumination 425-131
Video Capture Card 527-131 LED parallel coaxial illumination 425-111
Dongle 581-451 1/1.8” Color Camera 484-123
Ring Gauge 581-831 RS232 Data Cable 581-931
Glass Calibration Plate 581-811 AV video cable 581-941
Joystick controller 581-871 R20 Probe 581-751
Product Certification, Warranty Card ------ Dell PC with 21.5” Monitor 581-971
Operation Manual, Packing List ------ Anti-dust Cover 521-911

Optional Accessaries

Commodity Code # Commodity Code #
Laser Scanning probe and software Module 581-361 Touch Probe Exchange Rack 581-771
2X Auxiliary Objective 423-200 0.5X Auxiliary Objective 423-050
5X APO Objective 426-050 10X APO Objective 426-100

Computer Configuration

Mode OptiPlex3080MT
Code# 581-971
CPU Intel ® G6400
Memory Type 4G RAM DDR4
Hard Drive 250G SSD solid-state drive
Monitor 21.5” Monitor
Computer System WIN10
Serial Card Inter UHD Graphics card
Graphics Card Type DMI+DP integrated dual display
Power Supply 100-240V Adaptive Power Supply

RationalVue Software Introduction

RationalVue completely inherited CAD seamless connection, 100% graphical display, quick drag & drop operation, real-time CAD comparison, multiple graphical reports, advanced algorithm etc. With a simple operation and powerful function while ensures advancement and reliability of algorithm.

Software Function:

One software, one complete solution

1 set of RationalVue= 2D inspection comparison software + 3D inspection comparison software+ CAD reverse software + form analysis software + contour scanning software + SPC statistical analysis software + offline programming software + Geometric tolerance evaluation software.

Fast operation, high efficiency

Based on CAD, Iges 3D image file, DXF format and CAD profile can be imported, fast comparison, makes measurement efficiency improved by 2-3 times.

Automatic Program

Image, probe measurement, coordinate system, autofocus, magnification, light brightness adjustment, CAD theory element identification, automatic comparison measurement, element construction, tolerance calculation, and output can all be added to one program at the same time and run automatically. And can freely change the detection order.

The procedure is easy and quick to modify. Can quickly modify the program's lighting, magnification, height, and modify the program's measurement sequence。

With the same elements under one screen, the machine can automatically finish the measuring at a time without move.

Automatically judging NG/OK of products and will highlight the error.

Support offline programming & virtual measurement

Offline programming: lges and DXF image file can be imported, based on CAD to make programming as well as writing data output and check programs.

Virtual measurement: The entire image of the specimen can be spliced into a complete graphic. In disconnect from machines and absence of specimen, do demonstration and teaching to the customer.

Adopt world advanced algorithms to improve performance and accuracy

Complete machine compensation algorithm.

Support 21 kinds of error compensation: linearity, straightness, angle pendulum, verticality...

Support Z-axis rotation compensation, Z-axis verticality compensation, Z-axis probe compensation (with probe), lens XY proportional distortion correction.

Support OEM compensation encryption.

Support multi-layer space patching to maximize the measurement accuracy of the machine.

The most complete geometric measurement

Can finish the Measurement of positional tolerances, profile contours, profile contours, and other ISO tolerances.

2D element : points, lines, circles, arcs, curves, keyways, rectangles, ellipses

3D element: Plane, sphere, cone, cylinder, ring, surface

Full-featured and powerful

The most complete dimension FormError evaluation (include 2D & 3D, form tolerance, position). RationalVue strictly follows ISO Geometrical production specification (include German’s DIN standard) and ASME GD&T Y14.5M  and China GB standard etc.

Tolerance of linear Distance (max, min, average, space), angle, diameter, radius and cone angle.

Form tolerance of Straightness, flatness, circularity and cylindricity.

Oritation, location and runout tolerance of Perpendicularity, angularity, parallelism, symmetry, concentricity, co-axiality, position (2D&3D), point profile, curve profile, circle run-out if with multisensor.

More detailed functions of software Rational Vue, please refer to the attached document ”Sinowon Rational Vue software introduction”.

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