BD Series Barcol Impressor

Model: BD-934
Code: 872-113
Testing Range: 0~100HBa,equivalent to 25~150HBW
Resolution: 0.5HBa


BD Series  is a kind of portable hardness tester, it is the typical model which is in widest application mainly used for rapid hardness test for aluminum and aluminum alloy, as well as fiberglass reinforced plastic. Barcol hardness tester has the simple operation by just single hand and wide measuring range, no experience to be needed. It can be applied to all the aluminum and aluminum alloy, only need to contact one side to finish the test. 


Easy to Use: Single hand operation. Easy to use. High efficiency, It can make test at any place.

High Sensitivity: Barcol Hardness Tester has 100 scales. Sensitivity is higher than that of Webster Hardness Testers.

Wide Testing Range:It can test from pure aluminum to super hard aluminum alloy.

The material hardness of indented and dimensional tolerance are conform to 2013 verification regulation and enterprise internal standard Strict quality inspection one by one to make sure the accuracy of Barcol Hardness Tester Long life and good inter convertibility.

Die-casting Case: Strong, beautiful and good grip.

Conversion: Through the Barcol hardness conversion table, Barcol hardness value can be conveniently converted to Brine ll, Rockwell and Webster hardness values.


Product Name Barcol Impressor
Model BD-934 BD-934A BD-935 BD-936
Code# 872-113 872-113A 872-123 872-133
Indenter 26°panhead cone, head face diameter 0.176mm
Testing Range 0~100HBa,equivalent to 25~150HBW
Resolution 0.5HBa
Indication Error Hardness range 42~48HBa, ±2HBa ; Hardness range 81~88HBa ±1HBa
Repeatability Error Hardness range 42~48HBa, ±2.5HBa ; Hardness range 81~88HBa ±1.5HBa
Sample thickness Requirements >0.8 mm
Net Weight 0.5kg


Type Equivalent Hardness Range
Application Materials
Model Test Piece
BD-934 25-150 HB Aluminum, aluminum alloy.reinforced plastics (FRP.SMC. BMC, somersetting laminate, etc.) and hard plastic. Aluminum plates, thick wall aluminum, aluminum wheels, aluminum alloy castings, etc.Aluminum doors and windows after assembly,curtain wall ladder, FRP sanitary ware products, hull, storage tank,artificial marble slab, etc.
BD-934A 25-150 HB Aluminum, aluminum alloy and fiberglass. Aluminum rods, ladders and other narrow face or cylinder products.
BD-935 68-90 HSD Soft plastic, hard rubper and soft metal Acrylic board and SAN resin.
BD-936 52-90 HSD Super soft material Lead, leather, plastic flooring and rubber.

Typical barcol hardness values of common aluminum alloy materials:

Aluminum Alloy
1100-0 3003-0 3003-H14 2024-0 5052-0 20525-H14 6061-T6 2024-T3
Barcol Hardness Value 35 42 56 60 62 75 80 85

Standard Delivery:

Product Name Code# Product Name Code#
Indenter 872-413 Calibration wrench 872-713
Hardness block 872-603 Accessories Box 832-903
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