Chinese renowned audio equipment manufacturer select Sinowon 2.5D Fully Auto Vision Measuring Machine

In comparison with other brands, the client finally chose our product——Sinowon 2.5D Fully Auto Vision Measuring Machine iMS-4030P.
This wasn’t a coincidence. Mr. Zhou, the production director of Sinowon, came to the site and demonstrated the operation of our machine. All these efforts was to satisfy the client and make sure the machine reach the high requirement of precision.

The client, a company mainly manufacture and sell high-quality SPK and audio accessories, has high requirements on measuring machines. Sinowon made it. With high precision, good quality and simple operation, Sinowon 2.5D Fully Auto Vision Measuring Machine won the client’s favor. This achievement owe to our enterprise spirit.

Sinowon, the abbreviation for SATISFACTION, INNOVATION, NORM, OPPORTUNITY, WORTH, OPEN and NIMBLE. The need of customers is the source of our innovation. Sinowon survives in this competitive market by its profession, service , and quality.