How to measure the hardness of the metal round tube?

1 Sinowon Portable Ultrasonic Dynasonic Hardness Tester

2 Test samples and requirements:

3 Measured workpiece: Metal round tube (Picture 1)

4 Measurement requirements: Measuring the Rockwell hardness of the metal round tube

5 The instrument used Model: SU400

Current Pain Points:

1The weight of the workpiece is heavy, and the safety risk of operator loading and unloading the workpiece is high, and it is not suitable for full product inspection;

2 Using a desktop hardness tester to measure requires moving the sample to measure the hardness at different locations. There are many operating steps, time-consuming, and overall measurement efficiency is slow;

3There is the indentation on the surface of the workpiece measured by desktop hardness tester, which affects the appearance and assembly of the product;

4 . Round tube products are measured with a desktop hardness tester. It is difficult for the operator to find the highest center point of the cylindrical surface, which leads to human error. Seriously, it can damage the product surface and the indenter of the hardness tester equipment, affect the service life of the equipment, and high requirements for operators.

Our Sinowon Solution:

According to the current pain points of measurement, we decided to use a Portable Universal Dynasonic Hardness Tester SU-400 to measure the sample. It is convenient to the site or in the laboratory for use.

1 Measuring a round tube or round bar products can be equipped with a cylindrical support ring to accurately find the center position of the product to ensure high-precision measurement;

2  SU-400 can not only work with the UCI motorized and manual probes but also work with the Lee impact probes, it is universal to test the hardness of material withe fine crystal structure or coarse crystal structure in the metal industry;

3  The SU-400 probe can choose different force (manual probe have10N,20N,50N,98N motorized probe 3N, 5N,8N,10N), the measurement indentation is small, and non-destructive measurement/NDT can be achieved without affecting the appearance of the product surface and product assembly;

4  The ultrasonic hardness tester uses a small load test force and uses a diamond Vickers indenter. The test indentation requires a microscope of more than 200X to be clearly distinguished. It is suitable for full inspection BCS of our SU400.

5 UCI instrument is portable: easy to carry, suitable for on-site testing; the single measurement time of the UCI is about 6 second per time, the efficiency is improved by 17 times compared with the desktop Rockwell hardness tester.

Test results:

Model 1 2 3 4 5
DigiRock DR3
61.3HRC 61.5HRC 61.1HRC 61.3HRC 61.1HRC
SU400M Motorized 60.7HRC 60.7HRC 61.0HRC 60.5HRC 60.7HRC
60.7HRC 60.3HRC 60.5HRC 61.0HRC 61.2HRC

While using the Portable Universal Dynasonic Hardness Tester to improve the quality control of the enterprise, it also reduces the loss and increases the profit of the enterprise.

If you have any need, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to the pleasure of serving you.