iFocus Series High Accuracy Semiautomatic Vision Measuring Machine

Mode/Code:: iMS-2010F/#521-140F
Measuring Size: 200x100mm
X/Y-axis Accuracy: ≤2.5+L/200(um)
X/Y/Z-axis Travel: 0.5 umProduct Characteristic: High precision marble base and pillar, to ensure high stability and

Product Characteristic:

High precision marble base and pillar, to ensure high stability and accuracy;

High precision toothless rod and fast moving locking device, to ensure hysteresis error is within 2um;

High accuracy A grade optical linear scale with precision working stage, to ensure the accuracy is within 2.5+L/200um;

High definitive detested zoom lens and high resolution color digital camera, to ensure clear image without distortion;

With programmable surface 4-ring 8-division LED Cold Illumination and contour LED parallel illumination and internal intelligent light adjustment, it can automatic control the brightness in the 4-ring 8-division;

Z-axis equipped with high accuracy linear guide and servo motor control system, realize auto focus measurement, and eliminate the human focus error, enhance measurement accuracy and stability; 

Powerful function i Measuring 2.2 Measuring Software, highly enhance the quality control.

Technical Specification:

Mode iMS-2010F iMS-2515F iMS-3020F iMS-4030F iMS-5040F
Code# 521-140F 521-150F 521-160F 521-170F 521-180F
Working Table 270x350mm 408x308mm 458x358mm 608x470mm 650x580mm
Material Marble Table Metal Table Metal Table Metal Table Marble Table
Glass Table 142x242mm 306x198mm 356x248mm 456x348mm 541x441mm
X/Y-axis Travel 200x100mm 250x150mm 300x200mm 400x300mm 500x400mm
Z-axis Travel High-precision linear guide and servo motor control system , working travel 200mm
X/Y/Z-axis Travel 0.5 um
X/Y-axis Accuracy ≤2.5+L/200(um)
Hysterisis Error 2um
Base and Pillar High Accuracy Jinan Qing Marble
Illumination System(Software Adjustment) Surface: Stepless Adjustable 4-ring 8-division LED Cold Illumination, every division can be adjust independently
Contour: LED Parallel Illumination
LED Laser Navigation Lights
CCD Camera High Resolution 700TV Color CCD Camera
Zoom lens 6.5X High Resolution Detented Zoom Lens
Magnification:0.7X~4.5X;Video Magnification:26X~172X
Working Environment Temperature:20℃±2℃, change range < 2℃/hr
Humidity:30% ~80%RH
Measuring Software iMeasuring 2.2
Operation System Support XP,WIN7,WIN8.1,WIN 10, 32/64 operating system
Language English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, other language versions can be added
Dimension(W*D*H) 677x552x998mm 790x617x1000mm 838x667x1000mm 1002x817x1043mm 1102x852x1085mm
Net Weight 150Kg 175Kg 185Kg 350Kg 380Kg

Standard Delivery:

Product Name Code# Product Name Code#
Measuring Software IM2.2 Video Capture Card 527-131
LED parallel contour illumination 425-131 Data Cable 581-931
Surface 4R/8D LED Illumination 425-121 Controller 564-301
Power Cable 581-921 0.5um Linear Scale 581-221
Click Zoom Lens 421-111 Calibration Block 581-801
1/3“ Color Camera 484-131 Video Cable 581-941
Anti-dust Cover 521-911 Fuse 581-141
3mm Hex Key Wrench / Warranty Card /
Dongle 581-451 Product Certification /
Operation Manual / Packing List /

Optional Accessories:

Product Name Code# Product Name Code#
Dell PC 581-971 Coaxial Zoom Lens 421-121
0.5X Auxiliary Objective 423-050 1/2" Color Camera 484-123
2X Auxiliary Objective 423-200 MCP Probe 581-721
Glass table / Laser Probe 581-361
Imported 0.5um Linear Scale 581-211 Foot Switch 581-351
Calibration Block 581-811 Working Cupboard 581-621

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