iRock-SR1 Full-Auto Superficial Rockwell Hardness Tester

Model: iRock-SR1
Preliminary Test Force: 3Kgf(29.4N)
Dwell Time: 1-60s adjustable
Resolution: 0.1HR


● A kind of Full-auto Intelligent Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester, available to test Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell hardness automatically.

● One-key operation, auto lifting, auto load-change, auto loading/dwell/unloading,auto conversion, auto testing.

● Equipped with friendly operation interface, 5.2“ color touch screen directly display test force, dwell time, conversion value, indenter type, etc.

● Auto calculating and displaying test result, Max, Min, Ave, and hardness deviation. Resolution is 0.1HR. 

● Available to set up upper and lower limit, with the function of over-error warning, data analysis chart, single test and group test. 

● With software compensation function, available to compensate ±3HR, need not mechanical adjustment.  

● With function of auto conversion according to ASTM E140, without checking hardness contrast table.

● Available to switch languages.: Chinese、English、German、Portuguese、Turkish、Czech、Korean.

● Available to save 2000 single test results and 1000 group test results. Can realize data viewing and analysis  

● With optional wireless Bluetooth printer, there is no need to record results and report by hand.

● With optional data analysis software and Bluetooth receiver to input and analyze data.  

● Support FexQMS data analysis and control software, improve integral control and decrease material consumption.  


Rockwell B Scale HRB: Copper alloys, soft steels, aluminum alloys, malleable iron, etc.

Rockwell C Scale HRC: Steel, hard cast irons, pearlitic malleable iron, titanium, deep case hardened steel, and other materials harder than B100.

Rockwell A Scale HRA: Cemented carbides, thin steel, and shallow case-hardened steel.


Commodity Full-Auto Superficial Rockwell Hardness Tester
Model  iRock-SR1
Code # 811-340
Preliminary Test Force 3Kgf(29.4N)
Total Test Force 15Kgf(147.1N), 30Kgf (294.3N), 45Kgf(441.3N)
Superficial Rockwell Scale HR15N,HR30N,HR45N,HR15T,HR30T,HR45T,HR15W,HR30W,HR45W,HR15X,HR30X,HR45X,HR15Y,HR30Y,HR45Y 
Dwell Time 1-60s adjustable
Display Screen 5.2 ”Color touch screen; Resolution:640*480
Resolution  0.1HR
Loading Mode Auto loading/dwell/unloading
Conversion Standard ASTM、DIN
Language  Chinese、English、German、Portuguese、Turkish、Czech、Korean
Software Correction -3.0HR ~ +3.0HR, step value 0.1HR
Data Processing 2000 group single dat, line chart of group data function; respectively provide single data viewing and group data viewing 
Print  Optional wireless printer
Max. Height of Specimen  240mm
Throat  170mm
Power Supply AC 220V/50Hz;AC110V/60Hz
Dimension  620 x 210x 900mm
Packing Dimension 710×530×1000(mm)
Net Weight /Gross 125Kg/143Kg
Execution standard GB/T230.2, JJS Z2245, EN-ISO6508, ASTME-18

iRock-SR1 Standard Delivery:

Commodity Code # Commodity Code #
Instrument 811-340 Ø1.588mm Ball Intender 811-411
Hardness Block HR15N 811-661N Power Cord 811-801
Hardness Block HR30N 811-671N Cone Diamond Intender 811-401
Hardness Block HR30T 811-671T Screwdriver 811-951
Hardness Block HR45N 811-681N Weight 1 811-741
Ø200mm Flat Anvil 811-541 Weight 2 811-751 
Ø60mm Flat Anvil 811-521 Weight 3 811-761
Ø40mm V-shape Anvil 811-511 Dust Cover 811-911
Toolbox 811-901 Bubble Level Meter 811-931
Warranty Card / Qualified Certificate iRock SR1 Operation Manual / Packing List iRock SR1

Optional Accessories:

Commodity Code # Commodity Code # Commodity Code #
1/8” Ball Intender 811-431 1/4” Ball Intender 811-451 1/2” Ball Intender 811-471
Ø1/8” Steel Ball 811-441 Ø 1/4” Steel Ball 811-461 Ø 1/2” Steel Ball 811-481
Small Flat Anvil 811-501 Intender Protector 811-491 Wireless Printer 811-361
Bluetooth Receiver 811-710 SPC Software 811-381 ------ ------

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