iVS Series Instant Vision Measuring System

Mode/Code:: iVS-30/#500-030
Measuring Size: 110 mm
Measurement Accuracy: ±2um
Repeatability Accuracy: ±1um

1 Application:

It is widely used in quick batch measurement of precision screws, precision springs, gears, cell phone case, cell phone glass, precision metal parts and other parts in small size.


High accuracy and excellent repeatability

High depth of field, low distortion double heliocentric lens, no need to repeat focus.

Software processes the image by the way of Sub-pixel edge detection and automatic removal of burrs and outliers and the least-square method to ensure accuracy.

Friendly operation

Automatic location and orientation correction, automatically detect and measure based on the recorded shape of the sample, measure with a click of button.

Efficient batch measurement

Automatically identify multiple parts, test elements, then conduct automatic measurement, satisfied with batch measurement requirements.

Entire image, no need to move the working stage, both high efficiency and high accuracy.

Improve efficiency, save labor cost, eliminate operator error.

Quality Control and Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Automatic memory and output measuring values, and make test data simple applied.

2.1 Perfect Accuracy

Recover the original dimension with high accuracy

2.1.1 Double telecentric lens and high depth of field, allow height difference in sample, section with slope or curvature and other difficult measuring elements. And low distortion without having to worry about sample placement and blurred focus, and recover the original dimension with high accuracy.:

For example:

2.1.2 Low distortion lens, clear edge image, no distortion, eliminate measuring error.

2.1.3Software with sub-pixel (Sub Pixel), least-square method regression algorithm and high video compensation to ensure accuracy. 

Sub Pixel edge detecting image processing algorithm makes pixel-division smaller, closer to the actual edge.

The least-square method automatically removes burrs and outliers, ensure the least influence on feature location.

2.2 Efficient Batch Measurement 

Takes only 2~5 seconds to measure dozens of position, 99 measurements can be conducted at a time within the measuring range, it significantly shortens the measurment time and improve measurement efficiency.

2.2.1 Workpiece Placing——No location and fixture requirements, anywhere within the effective range of the lens. 

2.2.2 Workpiece Positioning——Automatic location and orientation correction, automatically detected and measured based on the recorded shape of the sample.

2.2.3 Workpiece Focusing——Double telecentric lens, long working distance, allow height difference;

2.2.4Workpiece Measuring——Entire image reduces the time of import programe, moving worktable and lens

2.2.5Batch Measurement——Software is for automatic saving shape of specimen, automatic positioning, direction detecting, the coordinate origin for repeated measurements.

Takes only seconds to measure dozens of position, 99 measurements can be conducted at a time within the measuring range.

Simultaneous measurement can be conducted multiple identical specimens within the perspective.

2.3 Entire Image 

No need to move working stage, efficient and high accuracy

2.3.1. Traditional measuring instruments have narrow field of vision, can only test one position at a time, and it requires to move working stage and position specimen before measuring.

2.3.2 Traditional measuring instruments repeatable steps and more time-consuming and complex to operate.

2.3.3 Traditional measuring instruments need to consider the accuracy of supporting hardware, such as, linear scales, working stage mounting accuracy, etc.

It can image overall within the maximum range of the measuring field, measurement of multiple sizes can be finished at once, greatly improve efficiency, save time and cost of production. Meanwhile, it meets customers’ idea "without mosaic, overall image".

2.4 Friendly Operation, Low Costs.

High efficiency, save labor cost, eliminate operator error.

2.4.1 No fixture, location, correction, focus, lighting, running control requirements, automatically measure within the maximum range of the measuring field, greatly improve efficiency.

2.4.2 Anyone can operate, general workers can meet the requirements, high efficiency, save labor cost.

For Example Other Measuring Instruments Instant Vision Measuring System
training costs
It takes a long time to learn the instrument operation One key operation, anyone can operate
Worried about losing skilled operators,
resulting in "disconnect"
utility costs
Limited to skilled operators,
high salary requirements (1000 USD/month)
Anyone can operate, general workers can meet the requirements (500 USD / month)
Save test
efficiency costs
Equipped with 5~10 machines in one production workshop, each equipped with at least one or two skilled operators Instant Vision Measuring System, one general worker

2.5   Effectively Eliminate Operator Error

Avoid operated method, specimen placing, measuring sequence, eliminate the operator error efficiently.

Human error elements Other Measuring Instruments Instant Vision Measuring System
(Eliminate Human Error)
The operator is not familiar with the software and the machine Memory and storage of measurement method, point position and test direction, auto running, eliminate operator error efficiently
Operators emotion changes will cause accuracy and stability deviation Automatic & Mechanization, eliminate operator error
Short working distance and depth of field, repeatedly focusing will cause misjudgment and mechanical tolerance High DOF double telecentric lens, long working distance, allow height difference, no need to repeat focusing
Different operators, different habits and focus clearness, point selection, illumination intensity, different results Automatically memorize illumination, measuring mode, point selection mode.
Different positions and directions Without fixture, and place randomly
Fixture shift, point location will cause coordinate origin error Automatic location and direction adjustment and take accurate measurement
Point position and measured elements are out of sequence Automatic & Mechanization

2.6 Simple Application

2.6.1 Automatically record and output the measured values to WORD, EXCEL, TXT documents and SPC statistics and analysis which makes it easy for the test data application.

2.6.2 It can set tolerances, when measurement exceeds the tolerance, it has automatic alarm and automatically SPC statistics and analysis and output the reports.

2.7 Support Reverse Engineering:

Imported DXF files by software can be measured, graph and data can also be exported from the software for DXF files for other applications.

3 Specification:

Model iVS-30 iVS-60 iVS-80 iVS-160
Code# 500-030 500-060 500-080 500-160
Lens 0.3X Double Telecentric Lens 0.17X Double Telecentric Lens 0.088X Double Telecentric Lens 0.088X Double Telecentric Lens
Working Distance 110 mm 110 mm 120 mm 390mm
Wide Field Ø 30mm(28x24) Ø 60mm(56x50) Ø116mm(94x76) Ø229.6mm(146.7x110)
Measurement Accuracy ±2um ±3um ±4um ±7um
Repeatability Accuracy ±1um ±2um ±2um ±5um
Camera 2/3’’ 5 million pixel B/W camera (Ethernet)
Illumination Digital controls, automatic memory
Telecentric Green LED Contour illumination
Ring White LED illumination
PC System DELL (I5 Intel processors)
Monitors Built-in 10.4 inch LCD Monitor(1920*1080)
External 21.5 inch LCD Monitor(1920*1080)
Measuring Software iMeasuring 6.0
Measuring Amount Max.99
Test Time <5S (Less than 100 tests)
Output data Test data, reports, determine the results (OK, NG, WAIT), etc
Function 2D measurements: points, lines, circles, arcs, angles, distance, oval, O-rings, Groove, rectangle, parallelism
Auxiliary Function Intersection, parallel, perpendicular, tangent, bisection.
Geometric Tolerances Dimension tolerances and position tolerances, tolerances of form and position (Point position concentricity, straightness, parallelism, roundness, straightness, profile, etc)
Measurement Mode Manual / Automation
SPC Data Management and Control
CAD Data Input / Output
Power Supply AC100~240V,50~60Hz

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