Metallurgical Mounting Press

Metallurgical mounting press, also known as metallurgical specimen, is a kind of inlaying machine, which is suitable for pressing thermosetting plastic for small metallurgical samples which are not reshaped and are not easy to take. After forming, the sample can be polished easily and the microstructure can be determined by metallurgical microscope.

In the preparation process of metallurgical analysis sample, the orientation adjustment of observation surface before grinding and polishing is generally fixed by inlaying resin. At the same time, inlaying can make the irregular sample into a shape convenient for hand holding, so as to control the grinding and polishing process. The process of fixing the direction and standardizing the shape of the sample is called metallurgical sample inlaying. Later, with the sample grinding and polishing automatically, the direction of the observation surface is adjusted The appearance of metallurgical sample inlay has become a common method to unify and standardize the shape of irregular shape samples, which makes it convenient to apply to automatic polishing equipment.