Multisensor Measuring Machine

Multrisensor measuring machine is a kind of equipment that combines multiple sensors (touch probe, video, laser) on one device. Multisensor measuring machines usually work in areas where x and y are less than 500 mm and Z are less than 150 mm. The advantage of video on Multisensor measuring machines is that the CCD camera can measure easily deflected areas or features that are too small for the probe on the CMM to reach. Although the smallest probe on a CMM is about 0.3 mm, when you look at a large number of features, the accuracy and speed of the optical system is much higher. The advantages of multi-sensor systems over traditional CMMS are: its speed usually three to five times faster and the ability to optimize the measurement of certain components. On a CMM, all you see is tactile or scanning technology. The multi-sensor measuring machine is much more accurate than the traditional coordinate measuring machine. They have smaller footprints. They are easier to move, and generally they require less maintenance.