MV-1000PC Video Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

Mode/Code: MV-1000PC / #823-101MV
Measuring Range: 1HV-3000HV
X-Y Anvil: Size: 100X100mm; Travel:25mm X 25mm;Resolution: 0.25um
Maximum Height and Width of Specimen: Maximum Height: 70mm; Maximum Width:95mm


The MV-1000PC not only has all the measurement functions of the ordinary visual microscope hardness tester, but also with the iVicky V2.0 Vickers hardness measurement software, which eliminates the measurement error of the operator using the visual optical reading, and effectively guarantees the authenticity and accuracy of Vickers hardness measurement results, while reducing the operator's work intensity and improving the efficiency of the measurement.


It adopts die-cast body, stability is much higher than in the mechanical performance of sheet metal welding machines;

The dot positioning uses a three-point position to be more precise, and the repeated dot position is not skewing.

It is equipped with 10X and 40X HD lens and HD USB camera, excellent image quality in optical imaging systems and video measurements;

The operation interface adopts the humanized format, the digital area and the function distinguish the column type, the menu function is classified clearly and meticulously, and the light brightness, the menu selection and the objective lens selection all have the memory function.

The powerful video measurement software iVicky V2.0 can convert the measured Rockwell hardness into Brinell Hardness HBW and Rockwell hardness HRC, HRA, HRB, and can also generate hardness gradient curve. Output WORD format measurement report.

Measurement through the measuring software eliminates the operator's measurement error with visual optical readings, and effectively guarantees the authenticity and accuracy of Vickers hardness measurement results.


1, Ferrous, non-ferrous metals, IC chip, surface coating, lamination of metal;

2, Glass, ceramics, Jade ware, precious stones, such as thin plastic;

3, Hardness test of depth and gradient of carbonized layer and quench hardened layer.


Product Name Micro Hardness Tester with Measurement Software
Model MV-1000PC
Code# 823-101MV
Loading Force N 0.098、0.246、0.49、0.98、1.96、2.94、4.90、9.80
gf 10、25、50、100、200、300、500、1000
Indentation Measurement iVicky V2.0 Measuring Software
Switch of Objectives and Indenter Manual
Loading Control Auto Loading, Dwell and Unloading
Magnification of Objective Observation:10x;Measurement:40x
Eyepiece 10x Eyepiece
Dwell Time 5-60s
Measuring Range 1HV-3000HV
X-Y Anvil Size: 100X100mm; Travel:25mm X 25mm;Resolution: 0.25um
Video Measuring System USB Camera, 1X Camera Adapter, Micro Measuring Software iVicky V2.0
Maximum Height and Width of Specimen Maximum Height: 70mm; Maximum Width:95mm
Power supply AC220/50Hz; AC110V/60Hz
Dimension 530X290X490mm
Gross/Net Weight 50kg/40Kg
Execution Standard ISO 6507,ASTM E92,JIS Z2244,GB/T4340

Standard Delivery:

Product Name Code # Product Name Code # Product Name Code #
Vickers Intender 823-401 Mechanical Eyepiece for Reading 823-301 Dust Cover 823-911
X-Y Working Stage 823-701 10x Measuring Objective 823-311 Toolbox 823-901
Hardness Block (700~800)HV1 823-611 40x Measuring Objective 823-341 Power Cord 823-801
Hardness Block (400~500)HV0.2 823-621 Warranty Card / Qualified Certificate / Operation Manual / Packing List MV-1000PC Measuring System 823-381

Optional Accessories:

Product Name Code # Product Name Code # Product Name Code #
Video Measuring Eyepiece 823-811 Unequal Specimen Clamp 823-741 Camera Adapter 823-361
Digital Micrometer Head 823-719 Flat Precision Clamp 823-711 USB CMOS Camera 823-471
Printer 823-831 Thin-Piece Clamp 823-751 LCD Display 823-821
Filament Clamp 823-761 / / / /

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