MV-1000V Micro Hardness Tester with Measurement Monitor

Mode/Code: MV-1000V/ #823-101V
Measuring Range: 1HV-2967HV
X-Y Anvil: Size:100X100mm;  Travel:25mm X 25mm;Resolution:2um
Dimension: 530×290×490mm


MV-1000V is upgrade product based on Vicky MHV-1000 upgrade products, combined Vicky MHV-1000 with MV-1000 Vickers hardness video measuring device. Indentation measurement is conducted on 8 " LCD, Because the operator only needs to observe the monitor no longer used traditional ways of observation and measurement of optical Visual eyepiece, thus reducing the optical vision of the human eye fatigue, enhance the efficiency of the operator.

In addition, MV-1000V can be used by one operator, next to many people learning or teaching, which is used so widely in schools and scientific research institutes, used as a teaching device.


●  It adopts die-cast body, stability is much higher than in the mechanical performance of sheet metal welding machines;

●  It is equipped with 10X and 40X HD lens and HD USB camera, the instrument measured images in optical imaging system and video of great quality;

●  Combined with MV-1000 video measuring devices, It improves efficiency, reduces visual fatigue of the operator.

Application Range: 

◆ Testing very thin materials like foils, thin pieces, coatings layers, etc;

◆ Measuring hardness of the surface of a part, small parts or small areas;

◆ Measuring individual micro-structures;

◆ Measuring the depth of case hardening by sectioning a part and making a series of indentations to describe a profile of the change in hardness.

Technical Specifications: 

Product Name Micro Hardness Tester with Measurement Monitor
Model MV-1000V
Code# 823-101V
Loading Force N 0.098、0.246、0.49、0.98、1.96、2.94、4.90、9.80
gf 10、25、50、100、200、300、500、1000
Indentation Measuring Device MV-100
Switch of Objectives and Pressure Switch  Auto-turret 
Loading Control Auto Loading, Dwell and Unloading
Magnification of Objective Observation:10x/40x;Measurement:10x/40x
Video System CMOS Measuring Eyepiece, 8 "Display
Dwell Time 5-60s
Measuring Range 1HV-2967HV
X-Y Anvil Size:100X100mm; Travel:25mm X 25mm;Resolution:2um
Maximum Height and Width of Specimen Maximum Height:70mm; Maximum Width:95mm
Power supply AC220/50Hz; AC110V/60Hz
Dimension 530×290×490mm
Gross/Net Weight 50kg/40Kg
Executive Standard GB/T4340.2, EN-ISO6507,ASTME10-08,ASTME-384

Standard Delivery: 

Product Name  Code# Product Name  Code# Product Name  Code#
Vickers Indenter 823-401 8“Display 823-821 Power Cable 823-801
Hardness Block HV0.5 823-611 10X Objective 823-331 Accessory Case 823-901
Hardness Block HV1 823-621 40X Objective 823-311 Level Screw 823-931
X-Y Anvil 823-701 Video Measuring Device 823-811 Operation Manual MV-1000V

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