MVS Series Cantilever Automatic Vision Measuring Machine

Model: MVS-322A
Measuring Size: 300x200x200mm
XY-axis Accuracy: ≤2.2+L/200um
Z-axis Accuracy: ≤5+L/200um

MVS series is a cantilever high accuracy fully automatic vision measuring machine developed for GD&T measurement with three axis automatic motorized control. It equipped with automatic focusing, automatic lighting control, and automatic movement of hardware and software configuration to make the measurement of linear and geometrical dimensions quickly and accurately.

Product Features:

(1)XYZ three axis CNC automatic control and accurate positioning;
(2)Granite base and column, excellent stability;
(3)Precision linear guide, grinding ball screw and AC servo motor etc., to ensure the precision and stability of the motion system;
(4)0.5 um high precision glass linear scale to ensure the positioning accuracy and measurement accuracy of the system;
(5)High resolution digital camera to meet the needs of clear observation and accurate measurement;
(6)6.5x high-resolution click zoom lens, accurate doubling and one times pixel correction only needed;
(7)With programmable surface 4-ring 8-division LED Cold Illumination and contour LED parallel illumination and built-in intelligent light adjustment, it can automatic control the brightness in the 8-division;
(8)Powerful function and easy operation iMeasuring 4.1 Measuring Software to enhance quality control;
(9)Automatic measurement program can be set to complete batch measurement efficiently and quickly.

Technical Specification :

Product Name Cantilever Automatic Vision Measuring Machine
Model MVS-322A MVS-432A MVS-542A
Code# 523-360A 523-370A 523-380A
X/Y-axis Travel 300x200mm 400x300mm 500x400mm
Z-axis Travel 200mm
X/Y/Z-3 axis Linear Scale Glass Linear Scale Resolution: 0.5um
Guidance Mode Precision linear guide,double-track double slider guide.
Operation Mode Joystick controller, Mouse operation, automatic detection program.
Accuracy* XY-axis:≤2.2+L/200um
Repeatability ±2um
Video System** High definition 1/2.9" digital camera
6.5X continue click zoom lens; Optical Magnification: 0.7X-4.5X;
Video Magnification: 26X~172X(21.5”monitor)
Field of
Magnification 0.7X 1X 2.0X 3.0X 4X 4.5X
1/2.9"CCD 8.88x7.10x5.32
Contour LED parallel contour illumination
Surface 0~255 Stepless adjustable 4-ring 8-division LED surface illumination
Measuring Software Standard: iMeasuring 4.1 Fully Auto Measuring Software
Load Capacity 25Kg
Working Environment Temperature 20℃±2℃,Humidity Range<2℃/hr,
Humidity 30~80%, Vibration<0.002g, <15Hz
Power Supply 220V/50Hz/10A
Ddimension(W*D*H) 1132x720x1665mm 1280x840x1688mm 1257x920x1640mm
Packing Size 1290x970x1920mm 1390x1060x1940mm 1450x1170x1900
Net Weight 380Kg 450Kg 600Kg

(1)L is measuring length(mm), the mechanical accuracy of Z-axis and focus accuracy is related to the surface of the workpiece.
(2)**Magnification is approximate value, it is related to the dimension of monitor and resolution.
(3)Field of view(mm) = (diagonal*Horizontal*Vertical)
(4)0.5X or 2X objective is optional available, and realize image magnification: 13X~86X or 52X~344X.
(5)0.1um glass linear scale is optional available.

Item Code for MVS Series:

Sensor System A(2.5D )
Optical Zoom lens
B(3D )
Zoom lens & MCP Touch Probe
C(2.5D )
Optical Zoom lens
& Laser scanning Probe
D(3D )
Zoom Lens, Scanning and Touch probe
Item Code MVS-322A MVS-432A MVS-542A MVS-322B MVS-432B MVS-542B MVS-322C MVS-432C MVS-542C MVS-322D MVS-432D MVS-542D
iMeasuring 4.1 iMeasuring 4.2 iMeasuring 5.0 iMeasuring 5.1

MVS Series can be customized according to customers’ application requirements. Motorized coaxial zoom lens is optional for improving 2.5D measurement efficiency; MCP probe is optional for measuring 3D geometric dimensions, while laser sensor module is selected to perform the accurate measurement of glass, transparent plastic and other materials.

Standard Delivery:

Product Name Code # Product Name Code #
Full Auto Measuring Software IM 4.1 Click Zoom Lens 421-111
Calibration Block 581-801 4-ring 8-division LED surface illumination 425-121
Controller 526-111 LED parallel contour illumination 425-131
0.5um Glass Linear Scale 581-221 1/2.9” Digital Camera 484-131
Joystick controller 581-871 Video Capture Card 527-131
Desk 581-621 Dell PC with 21.5” Monitor 581-971
Anti-dust Cover 520-911 Power Supply 581-921
Data Cable 581-931 Dongle 581-451
Product Certification, Warranty Card  / Operation Manual, Packing List /

Optional Accessories:

Product Name Code # Product Name Code #
Full Auto Measuring Software IM 4.2/5.0 Motorized Coaxial Zoom Lens 421-151
5-ring 8-division LED surface illumination 425-141 Motorized Zoom Lens 421-131
Laser Module 581-361 Coaxial Zoom Lens 421-121
3D Calibration Block 581-811 1/1.8” Color Camera 484-123
MCP Probe 581-721 0.5X Auxiliary Objective 423-050
Imported 0.5um Linear Scale 581-211 2X Auxiliary Objective 423-200

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