PH400-3015 Ø400mm Digital Horizontal Profile Projector

Model: DP400
LCD Screen Size: 115mm×85mm
LCD Screen Resolution: 640*480
Digital Display Range: 8Digits(With Decimal Point)


The lifting system adopts cross roller rail and precision screw drive, which makes lifting drive more comfortable and stable;

Coating process reflector, clearer image and great dustproof;

Adjustable contour and surface illumination, to meet with difference workpiece demand;

Imported high light and long using life LED illumination ,to ensure precision measurement demand;

High resolution optical system with clear image and magnification error is less than 0.08%;

Powerful Bi-axial fan cooling system,highly increase using life;

Powerful and colorful DRO DP400,realized fast and accurate 2D Measurement;

Built-in Mini-printer, can print and save data;

With standard 10X objective, optional 5X,20X,50X objective,rotary table, foot switch ,clamp, etc.


Product Name Ø400mm Digital Horizontal Profile Projector
Mode PH400-3015
Code # 512-400
Working Stage Size 455x126mm
Working Stage Travel 300x150mm
Focusing  120mm 
Accuracy ≤3+L/200(um)
Resolution 0.0005mm
 Loading Weight 15Kg
Screen Dia:412mm,Measurement Range ≥ Ø400
Rotation Angle 0~360° ;Resolution: 1’or 0.01°,accuracy 6’
Digital Readout DP400 Multifunction colorful LCD digital readout
Illumination Contour Illumination:3.2V/10W LED
Surface Illumination:220V/130W halogen lamp
Working Environmental  Temp:20℃±5℃,Humidity:40%-70%RH
Power Supply AC110V/60Hz; 220V/50Hz,200W
Dimension (L×W×H) 1199 x 1455 x 633mm
Gross/Net Weight 350/300kg

Objective Lens

Magnification 5X(Opt.) 10X(Std.) 20X(Opt.) 50X(Opt.)
Code# 512-100 512-110 512-120 512-130
Field of View φ80mm  Φ30mm  Φ15mm  Φ6mm
Working Distance 65mm 80mm 67.7mm 51.4mm

Standard Delivery

Product Name Code# Product Name Code#
Digital Readout DP400 510-340 Mini Printer 581-901
10X Objective Lens 511-110 Power cable 581-921
Anti-dust Cover 511-911 Screen Clamp Device 581-341
Warranty Card/ Certification / Operation Manual/Packing List /

Optional Accessories

Product Name Code# Product Name Code#
5X Objective Lens 511-100 Swivel Center Support 581-851
20X Objective Lens 511-120 Holder with Clamp 581-841
50X Objective Lens 511-130 V-block with Clamp 581-831
Φ400mm Over-Chart 581-361 Foot Switch ST150 581-351
300mm Reading Scale 581-221 Edge Finder SED-400 581-311
Working Cupboard 581-620 Rotary Tables 581-511

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