SH200 Portable Leeb Hardness Tester

Mode/Code: SH-200/#852-120
Indicating Error: HLD:±5; HRC:±1; HB:±4
Measuring Range: (170-960)HLD,(17-68.5)HRC,(19-651)HB,(80-976)HV,(30-100)HS,(59-85)HRA(13 -100)HRB
Impact Device: D (standard)


● Large memory for 500 groups test results;

● Auto-recognition of connected Impact Device;

● Auto-recognition of Impact Device test direction;

● RS-232 interface (to hyperterminal or data view software);

● Time and date setting; auto-clock;

● Back-light LCD;

● Direct display of hardness scales HRB, HRC, HV, HB, HS, HL; 

● Conversion to tensile strength σb (U.T.S.);

● For all metallic materials;

● Impact device provides testing at any angle, even upside down;

● High accuracy ±6HLD and conforms to ASTM A 956;

● Six impact devices are available for special applications.


Product Name Portable Leeb Hardness Tester
Model SH-200
Code# 852-120
Hardness Scale HL,HRC ,HRB, HRA, HV,HB,HS
Measuring Range (170-960)HLD,(17-68.5)HRC,(19-651)HB,(80-976)HV,(30-100)HS,(59-85)HRA(13 -100)HRB
Measuring Direction 0~360°
Indicating Error HLD:±5; HRC:±1; HB:±4
Language OptionChinese, English, German, Portuguese, Turkish
Memory 500 Groups test maximum
Printer Optional Printer
Shell Material Plastic
Statistics Average value, min-max ,upper-lower limits
Data-Output RS-232
Impact Device D (standard)
Optional impact Devices DC/D+15/DL/G/C/E
Work piece radius (convex/concave) Rmin=50mm(with support ring Rmin=10mm)
Min. Workpiece weight 2~5kg on stable support 0.05~2kg with compact coupling except C and G impact device
Workpiece min. thickness couple 5mm,expect with impact device G:10mm,C:1mm
Workpiece min. case hardened depth 0.08mm except C impact device 0.2mm and impact device 1.2mm
Dimension 148mm×72mm×30mm
Power Supply AA/3V
Operating Temperature 0 ℃ to 40 ℃
Weight 220g (Excluding impact device and printer)

Standard Delivery: 

Standard Delivery Code# Standard Delivery Code#
Instrument Main Body 852-120 RS-232 Data cable 852-810
Impact device type D 852-410 SINOWON certificate SH-200
Hardness Block(750-830)HLD 852-630 Charger 852-850
Mini-printer 852-830 Accessories Box 852-900
Cleaning brush 852-860 Instrument Manual SH-200

Optional Accessories: 

Optional Accessories Code# Optional Accessories Code#
Hardness Block(460-540)HLD 852-640
printer paper
I Optional Impact device type 
DL, DC, D+15, C, E, G 
Software Data Pro
Optional Support Ring 852-510

Measuring Range / Materials:

Steel and cast steel 300-900 38-100 20-68 81-654 81-955 32-100
Cold work tool steel 300-840 20-67 80-898
Stainless steel 300-800 46-101 85-655 85-802
Grey cast iron 360-650 93-334
Nodular cast iron 400-660 131-387
Cast aluminum alloys 170-570 23-84 19-164
Brass 200-550 13-95 40-173
Bronze 300-700 60-29
Copper 200-690 45-315

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