SI-100 Series Digital Shore Durometer

Model: SI-100
Accuracy: ≤1H
Range: 10~90 HA/HD
Resolution: 1um(0.1mils)


Public and imperial units converted, with the average computing power; 

Integrated design, small volume, light weight, simple structure, easy to use; 

intuitive readings and automatic shutdown function;

Use USB data output and RS-232 data output with connection PC;

Brovid"Bluetooth" data output choice.


Model SI-100
Display LCD Display
Range 10~90 HA/HD(B/C/E/O/DO/OO)
Statistics Avrtshr value, min-max
Resolution 1um(0.1mils)
Accuracy ≤1H
Operating temperature 0~40°C
Power Supply 2x1.5v AAA (UM-4)battery
Dimension 176x63x25 mm
Weight 310g
Execution Standard GB/T 531,DIN53505,ASTM D2240,ISO7619,JISK7215

SI-100 Series Model Information: 

Model Code# Indenter Typical Examples Of Materials Tested Haardness Valus
SI-100A 842-311 0.79 Truncated (Frustum) cone Soft vulcanized rubber, natural rubber natriles, thermoplastic elastomers, flexible polyacrylics and thermosets, wax, felt, and leathers. 20~90A
R0.1 Cone
Moderately hard rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, paper products, and fibrous materials. Above 90A Below 20D
0.79 Truncated (Frustum) cone Medium-hard rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, medium-hard plastics and thermoplastics. Above 90B Below 20D
SI-100D 842-341 R0.1 Cone Hard Rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, harder plastics, and rigid thermoplastics. Above 90A
R1.2 Spherical radius Moderately hard rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, and very dense textile windings. Above 90C below 20D
SI-100O 842-361 R1.2 Spherical radius Soft rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, very soft plastics and thermoplastics,medium-density textile windings. Below 20DO
SI-100E 842-371 R2.5 Spherical radius Hrad sponge, EVA Above 90DO Below 20A
SI-100OO 842-381 R1.2 Spherical radius Extremely soft rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, sponge, extremely soft plastics and thermoplastics, foams, low-density textile windings Below 20O

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