STM-A Series Measuring Microscope

Mode/Code: STM-2015A/#532-150
X/Y-axis travel: 200x150mm
Scale Resolution : 0.0005mm
Measuring Accuracy: (2+L/200) μm L

Product Features: 

Bright field observation, clear and flare less obverse image, wide field of view.

Long working distance objectives, up to optical 1000x magnification. 

Aperture diaphragms in the transmitted illumination and reflected illumination system as standard feature.

The quick-release system, which is especially useful in long-stroke measurements.

Focus and measure using the fine/coarse movement handle with the large-size grips on both sides of the column.

Zero-set switches (X- and Y-axis) are also located near the stage feed handles.

Available with the Vision Unit for upgrading to a vision measuring system.

Technical Specifications :

Microscope Model STM-2015A STM-3020A
Code # 532-150 532-160
X/Y-axis travel 200x150mm 300x200mm
Scale Resolution  0.0005mm
XY Stage Measuring Accuracy at 20ºC. (2+L/200) μm L: measuring length
Observation Image Obverse image (Erect Image is available)
Eyepiece Tube Binocular Eyepiece: WF10/20
Objective Lens Only 5x is standard delivery; Optional: 10X, 20X, 50x 100x
Contour Illumination Adjustable LED
Surface Illumination Adjustable LED
Z Axis Travel Range Standard focus travel:150mm, 200mm is optional
Z Axis Focusing Manual focusing (Coarse/fine)
XY Stage Floating Function Quick release mechanism
Display Unit Function Zero setting, Direction switching, Data output via RS-232
Power Supply  AC220/50HZ; AC110V/60Hz
Optional Accessories High-Precision Rotary Table RT4(D:165mm), RT5(262mm)
Digital Readout DP300
Quickmeasuring Measuring Software QM2.0
CCD adapter and CCD camera 

Optical Specification: 


Objective  Eyepiece WF10/22

N.A. W.D.(mm) f(mm)’ R(um) ±▽p(um) Magnification Visual Field(mm)
5x 0.15 11.6 40 2.1 16.3 50x ¢4.4

10x 0.3 6.3 20 0.9 3.1 100x ¢2.2
20x 0.4 10.3 10 0.69 1.8 200x ¢1.1
50x 0.8 2 4 0.34 0.4 500x ¢0.44
100x 0.8 1.96 2 0.34 0.2 100x ¢0.22

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