STM505 Toolmaker Microscope Supplier

Mode/Code: STM-505/#531-112
Glass Stage Size: 152×152mm
Working Travel: 25×25mm
Measuring Accuracy: ≤5um

Technical Specifications:

Model STM-505
Code# 531-112
Metall Stage Size 96×96mm
Glass Stage Size 152×152mm
Working Travel 25×25mm
Resolution of Micrometer Mechanic 2um
Measuring Accuracy ≤5um
Max.Height of Specimen 115mm
Max.Weight of Specimen 2Kg
Max.Magnification 150×(Φ0.13mm)(15×Eyepiece+10×Objective)
Min.Magnification 20×(Φ6.5mm)(10×Eyepiece+2×Objective)
Standard Magnification 30×(Φ6.5mm)(15×Eyepiece+2×Objective)
Standard Working Distance 67mm
Eyepiece Monocular(Diopter Adjustable),Depression angle:30°
Eyepiece Protractor Range:360°;Graduation:1°
Vernier angle Reading 6’
Reticle 90°Broken Gross-Reticule
Illumination Tungsten bulb(24V;2W),Lightness Adjustable
Power Supply AC90V-240V,60Hz/50Hz
Dimension(D×W×H) 415×315×420mm
Packing Dimension(D×W×H) 210×333×391mm
Gross/Net Weight 18Kg/14Kg

Standard Delivery:

Product name Cde# Product name Cde# Product name Cde#
15×Eyepiece 531-522 2×Objective 531-602 Anti-dust Cove 531-911
Mechanic Microemter
531-752 Operation Manual STM-505

Optional Accessories:

Product name Cde# Product name Cde# Product name Cde#
10×Eyepiece 531-512 5×Objective 531-612 10×Objective 531-622
Rotary Table RTO 581-501 25mm Length Gauge 531-719 Built-in Reflected Bulb 531-822

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