SU-320R Roller Ultrasonic Hardness Tester

Mode/Code: SU-320R/#882-141R
Hardness Scales: HV,HRC,HRA,HRB,HB
Probe: Motorized Probe
Accuracy: ±3% HV, ±1.5HR, ±3%HB


SU-320R Roller Motorized Ultrasonic Hardness Tester is a professional portable durometer made by Sinowon group. It applies method of ultrasonic contact independence to make hardness testing of copper plating and chrome in the workshop of Rotogravure industry.

SU-320R standard motorized probe is MP-300 with 3N testing force. 2N motorized probe is option available if the chrome coating thickness is less tan 15um.

SU-300R conforms the standard ASTM A1038-2005, DIN standard DIN50159-1-2008 and China National standard GB/T 34205-2017.

Highlighting Characteristics:

Perfect Accuracy——±3% HV, ±1.5HR, ±3%HB.

Microscopic Indentation—— Only high-power microscope can observe the indentation.

Quick Measurement——Result in 2 seconds.

Large LCD Display——Directly display measurement result, times count, maximum, minimal, average and deviation. 

Friendly Operation——Operate well after short training.

Promised Warranty——2-Year warranty for main unit (Excludes Probe).

Mass Storage——Save 1000 groups measurement data.

 Simple Calibration——Save 20 groups calibration data for invoking, improve calibration efficiency.

SU-320R Technical Specifications

Name Roller Ultrasonic Hardness Tester
Model SU-320R
Code 882-141R
Standard Probe 3N Motorized Probe
Hardness Range(ASTM) HV:100-1500; HRC:20-68
Accuracy(%) Scale ﹤250HV 250~500HV 500~800Hv ﹥800HV
HV0.3 ±3% ±3% ±3% ±3%
Display Scales Vickers(HV); Rockwell(HRA、HRB、HRC); Brinell(HB);)
Display 3.2“ Color LCD
Statistics Hardness value, Max, Min, Average, hardness conversion and Test Mode
Language Chinese,English, German, Portuguese, Turkish
Data Output Wireless Bluetooth
Printing Bluetooth Printer
Memory To save 1000-groups of measuring data and 20-groups of calibration data
Word input Letters and numerals
Working Environment Temperature: -10°C to 50°C ; Humidity :30%-80% R.H. 
Battery Voltage Rechargeable lithium battery ; Voltage :4.2V, 3200mAh 
Re-charger Voltage AC220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz
Main unit Dimension and Weight Main unit Dimension :160 x 80 x 30mm (L x W x H);Manual Probe:Φ22×153mm ; Weight(No Probe): 0.5Kg 
Packing Dimension and Weight Packing Dimension 320 x 430 x 155mm (L x W x H) ; Packing Weight (Standard Delivery)4.3Kg 

Standard Delivery

Accessories Code # Accessories Code #
Instrument 882-141R 3N Motorized Probe 882-211
Ultrasonic Hardness Block (58~65)HRC 882-641 Probe Cable 882-801
USB Charger with Cable 882-851 Toolbox 882-901
MU-200 Stand of Rotogravure Roller 882-201 Allen Wrench /
Operation Manual SU-320R Warranty Card SU-320R
Qualified Certificate SU-320R Packing List SU-320R

Optional Accessories

Accessories Code # Accessories Code #
MU-100 Testing Stand 882-301 Plan Support Ring 882-511
MU-300 Testing Stand 882-101 Small Cylinder Support Ring 882-521
MU-400 Testing Stand 882-401 Big Cylinder Support Ring 882-531
Ultrasonic Hardness Block(28~35)HRC 882-611 V-shape Support Ring 882-551
Ultrasonic Hardness Block (38~45)HRC 882-621 Probe Silicone Cap 882-711
Ultrasonic Hardness Block (48~55)HRC 882-631 Lengthened Probe Silicone Cap 882-721
Ultrasonic Hardness Block (300-800)HV1 882-651 Mini Printer 882-831
Ultrasonic Hardness Block (300-800)HV5 882-661 10N Manual Probe 882-311
Ultrasonic Hardness Block (300-800)HV10 882-671 20N Manual Probe 882-321
10N Motorized Probe 882-251 50N Manual Probe 882-331
8N Motorized Probe 882-241 98N Manual Probe 882-341
Bluetooth Receiver 882-710 5N Motorized Probe 882-231
Bluetooth Printer 882-361 SPC Software 882-381

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