Thank ASE group Malayer branch for purchasing vision measuring machine MVS-4030 of Sinowon

Taiwan ASE Group Malaysia branch purchased a vision measuring machine MVS-4030 of Sinowon via agents in July 2017.  In order to make the customer put the machine into service and improve the testing efficiency, the local agent invited the vice president of Sinowon Jimmy Zhou to give a training course in Penang before Aug. 23rd. However, many flights had been canceled in Guangzhou airport because of the tropical storm hato. In order to avoid the impact of hoto, Jimmy change the flight with the date of August 27th. When starting off on Aug. 27th, typhoon Paka struck the Pearl River Delta again, and most flights at Guangzhou airport were canceled again.

In order not let go of the promise for the customer, Jimmy decided to endorse the ticket to Hong kong. It usually takes 3 hours ahead to wait for the international flight. Affected by Paka, the plane took off at 22:30 after delaying for 16 hours and arrived in Penang at 1:30 am.

After a short break, Jimmy appeared at the user's production site at 8:30 am on Aug. 28th. The customer was shocked by his appearance for training course. After 2 days of installation and training exchange, the customer thought highly of the accuracy of the machine and the profession of Sinowon. People in Sinowon carries on to be the best supplier of precision instruments with the best quality products.