Ultrasonic Hardness Tester Motorized Probe

Mode/Code: MP-300/#882-221
Loading force: 3N
Oscillating Rod Diameter: 3.7mm
Min weight of test material : 0.3kg


Introduced latest ultrasonic sensor technology 

Obtain accurate hardness value without auxiliary devices

Excellent human engineering design easy to hold 

Quick and accurate measuring for edge and fixed position of specimen

Micro indentation, no destructive for specimen 

Motorized control, one key fast measuring

Eliminate hand shake error by manual probe, higher accuracy and repeatability 

More suitable for thin pieces, coating layer hardness

Motorized Probe Specifications: 

Probe Type MP-300 MP-500 MP-800 MP-1000
Code# 882-221 882-231 882-241 882-251
Remark Optional Optional Optional Optional
Loading force 3N 5N 8N 10N
Diameter 46mm 46mm 46mm 46mm
Length 200mm 200mm 200mm 200mm
Oscillating Rod Diameter 3.7mm 3.7mm 3.7mm 3.7mm
Min weight of test material  0.3kg 0.3kg 0.3kg 0.3kg
Min thickness of test material 2mm 2mm 2mm 2mm

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