Vexus MHV-1000Z Advanced Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

Mode/Code: Vexus MHV-1000Z/ #823-113
Testing Range: 1HV-2967HV
X-Y Anvil: Size:100x100mm; Travel:25 x25mm; Resolution:2um
Dimension (LxWxH): 490×250×395mm


● Vexus MHV-1000Z Series are precision micro Vickers hardness testing machines integrated the technology of optics, mechanics and compute, and it is focus on the Vickers testing under the small force, and mainly applicable to measure the hardness value of ferrous metals and non ferrous metals;

● Vexus MHV-1000Z Series equipped with a LCD screen, the operation is more directly and clearly;

● Vexus MHV-1000Z Series can display the measuring methods, testing force, indentation length, hardness value, dwell time of the testing force as well as the number of measurement;

● Vexus MHV-1000Z Series can save and revise the date, record the measuring results, compute the data, output  the information with the printer;

● Vexus MHV-1000Z Series hardness conversion among 4 hardness scales, and linking to PC in RS 232 interface and cable;

● Vexus MHV-1000Z Series  adopt the design of double indenters, it equips with HV and HK indenter together, It is more suitable to measure the hardness of IC thin sections, coatings , ply metals; Glass, ceramics, agate , precious stones and other brittle and hard material.


Product Name Single-Indenter Digital 
Micro Vickers Hardness Tester
Double-Indenter Digital 
Micro Vickers Hardness Tester
Model Vexus MHV-1000Z Vexus MHV-1000ZK
Code# 823-113 823-123
Loading Force N 0.098、0.246、0.49、0.98、1.96、2.94、4.90、9.80
gf 10、25、50、100、200、300、500、1000
Indenter HV Indenter HV and HK Indenter
Indentation Measurement Digital Sensor Measurement
Lens & Indenter Switch Auto-Turret
Loading Control Automatic (Loading, Dwell, Unloading)
Magnification of Microscope Observation:10x; Measurement:40x
Digital Eyepiece Magnification:10x
Auto Hardness Conversion HV,HRC,HB
Dwell Time Adjustable 1~99s
Testing Range 1HV-2967HV
X-Y Anvil Size:100x100mm; Travel:25 x25mm; Resolution:2um
Illumination Adjustable LED 6V, Cold light-source
Display D1、D2 、HV/HRC/HB/HK、Time
Max. Height ofSpecimen 90mm 
Instrument Throat 95mm
Power Supply AC220V/50Hz; AC110V/60Hz
Dimension (LxWxH) 490×250×395mm
Packing Dimension 530 x450 x750mm
Gross/Net Weight 50Kg/40Kg
Execution Standard ISO 6507,ASTM E92,JIS Z2244,GB/T4340

Standard Delivery:

Commodity Code # Commodity Code # Commodity Code #
Vickers Intender 823-401 10x Digital Measuring Eyepiece 823-391 Dust Cover 823-911
X-Y Anvil 823-701 10x Observing
823-311 Toolbox 823-901
Hardness Block (700~800)HV1 823-611 40x Measuring 
823-341 Power Cord 823-801
Hardness Block (400~500)HV0.2 823-621 Warranty Card / Qualified Certificate/ Manual / Packing List Vexus MHV-
Flat Precision Clamp 823-711

Optional Accessories:

Commodity Code # Commodity Code # Commodity Code #
Video Measuring Eyepiece 823-811 Unequal Specimen Clamp 823-741 Digital Micrometer Head 823-719
USB CMOS Camera 823-471 Vickers Measuring Software with CHD-function iVicky 3.0 Camera Adapter 823-361

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