Vickers Hardness Tester

Vickers hardness tester is a high-tech product of Opto mechatronics. It is a new type of Vickers and Knoop hardness testing instrument which adopts precision mechanical technology and photoelectric technology. Vickers hardness tester is widely used to measure the micro hardness of micro and thin specimens, surface coating and other specimens, and to determine the Knoop hardness of brittle and hard materials such as glass, ceramics, agate, artificial gem, etc. it is an ideal hardness testing instrument for research and testing of materials in scientific research institutions, factories and quality supervision departments. Scope of application: heat treatment, carbonization, quenching hardening layer, surface coating, steel, non-ferrous metal, micro and thin parts, etc. The Knoop hardness of glass, ceramics, agate, artificial gem and other brittle and hard materials can be measured by Knoop indenter.