VM-500Plus Auto Focus Video Measuring Microscope

Model: VM-500Plus
Electronic Magnification: 32X-206X (HDMI 16:9 24”Monitor)
Optical Objective: 0.7X~4.5X Zoom Lens
Z-axis Travel: 100mm

Product Characteristics:

(1)Integral design, exquisite, fashion, generous;
(2)Built-in high-definition HDMI integrated camera, directly connected to HDMI display, can take pictures or videos;
(3)With high definition 0.7~4.5X parallel continue zoom lens, it is much more convenience and fast to switch objective magnification;
(4)With adjustable LED surface reflection illumination, is able to control brightness independently;
(5)With 2 mega pixel auto focus camera, no need to waste time for manual focus frequently;
(6)Multiple optional mobile control platform, ensure precision position measurement;
(7)With its own measurement function, it can measure linear dimensions such as distance, perimeter, area, angle, radian, width, height, and radius elements.


It can be applied to incoming inspection, production inspection, material research, PCB and SMT inspection analysis, printing, textile inspection, biological anatomy, medical testing and other fields.

Technical Specification:

Product Name #Auto Focus Video Measuring Microscope
Model VM-500Plus
Code# #451-450P
Electronic Magnification 32X-206X ( HDMI 16:9 24”Monitor)
Optical Objective 0.7X~4.5X Zoom Lens 
Zoom ratio6.5:1  
0.5X C-mount camera adapter mirror 
Camera Parameters 2MPixel(1920*1080)
Image Size:1/2.8”
Measuring Function Linear dimensions such as distance, perimeter, area, angle, radian, width, height, and radius elements are measured
Measurement Accuracy 0.02mm~0.003mm
Illumination Adjustable LED Surface Illumination 
Microscope Stand Z-axis Travel: 100mm
Electrical Parameters  AC90~240V/50~60HZ
Dimension 375*285*500 mm
Weight ##6.5Kg

Measurement Function Introduction:

VM-500Plus can measure straight lines, angles, concentric circles, parallel lines, point-to-line distance, point and line to
concentric circles, diameter, circumference and area, length and width of rectangle, and can calculate circumference and
area. It can measure the polygon and calculate its area. All the corresponding measurement report can be output to U

  Concentric Circles Measurement    Angle Measurement    

 Vertical Line MeasurementArc Measurement

Field of View:

0.7X Magnification1X Magnification2X Magnification

3X Magnification4X Magnification4.5X Magnification

Field of View:

Optical Magnification Actual effective field of view(X, Y,D: mm)
0.7x 17.76 10.03 20.40 
1x 11.16 6.3 12.82 
2x 5.42 3.06 6.22 
3x 3.63 2.05 4.17 
4x 2.7 1.52 3.10 
4.5x 2.47 1.4 2.84 

 Standard Accessories:

Product Name Code# Product Name Product Name Product Name Product Name
Main Body VM-500Plus power cable 10A wireless mouse Logi brand
HD monitor(optional 484-465 HD cable HDMI U disk 16G
Warranty Card/Qualified Certificate VM-500Plus Packing list VM-500Plus Instructions VM-500Plus

Optional Accessories:

Product Name Code# Product Name Code#
Measuring Table 419-163 4-axis Mobile Platform 419-170
0.5X Auxiliary Objective 416-321 2X Auxiliary Objective 416-351

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